About FSA

Enriching Franciscan Spirituality within schools in Australia.

Francis’ knew that to ‘repair the church’ of his day he had to live the Gospel.

Nothing has changed ~ we are still called to live a Gospel life full of love and compassion.

It is God’s love and compassion that is at the heart of our work as educators. Francis teaches us to keep our eyes on God, to reverence creation and to be the good example of joy and peace. To teach as he did we constantly refer all good to God and demonstrate this through the service of others.

The purpose of Franciscan Schools Australia is to:

  • enrich Franciscan Spirituality within schools through charism support, resources and connection.
  • enhance Franciscan Spirituality in Primary and Secondary Education in Australia through a network of relationship building.

FSA is a ministry of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters, Australia and the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Spirit Province. It is a non-profit association stewarded by a national executive team of volunteers.

ABN 52 607 509 438
For GST they fall under Catholic Church related groups.

If you have any questions about FSA, or simply wish to speak with one of our Executive Team members please don’t hesitate to contact us or fill in our contact form. We can’t wait to meet you!


Prayer to the Holy Spirit by Saint Bonaventure

Lord Jesus, as God’s Spirit came down and rested upon you,
May the same Spirit rest on us,
Bestowing his sevenfold gifts.

First, grant us the gift of understanding,
by which your commands may enlighten our minds.

Second, grant us counsel, by which we may follow
in your footsteps on the path of righteousness.

Third, grant us courage,
by which we may ward off hostilities and harm.

Fourth, grant us knowledge,
by which we can distinguish good from evil.

Fifth, grant us loyalty,
by which we may acquire compassionate hearts.

Sixth, grant us awe and wonder,
by which we may see all that is good.

Seventh, grant us wisdom,
that we may live life to the full.