FSA will welcome Fr Dan Horan OFM back to our shores in 2023.

This travelling scholar program is instead of our normal biannual conference. Therefore, FSA will be looking to our FSA school members and other community participants to engage with and support the tour with attendance and registration payment.

Working in concert with schools and communities FSA will co-create programs and offer logistical support to animate the programs and events. No school will be alone.

DATES: 20 July – 10 August 2023.

At this stage Fr Dan will travel to three hubs on the East coast of Australia.

  1. Thursday 20 July 2023 – Wednesday 26 July 2023 – QLD
  2. Thursday 27 July 2023 – Wednesday 02 August 2023 – NSW
  3. Thursday 03 August 2023 – Wednesday 10 August 2023 – VIC


Here are some proposed topics of interest.

“Incarnate God Now” – How do we as followers of Jesus and Francis give birth to God in schools and the church today?
“Go Rebuild The Church” – Who is the Church & what are we rebuilding?
“Later Rule : Rule for Today” – What does the Later Rule of the Franciscans teach communities about how to live in fraternity today?
“Amazing Graces” – The blessings and challenges of St Francis for school communities today. What does Franciscan spirituality offer our communities today?
“A Church Open to Everyone”- How can schools be courageous in their preaching the Gospel, a community of solidarity, fraternity and welcome always living in an atmosphere of synodality- listening and being listened to?
“Saint Francis Still Living in Our Midst” Live and Love in the way of Saint Francis.
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