Times, life and legacy of Saint Francis of Assisi

the rich Franciscan heritage we have inherited

from John Boyd-Boland OFM

Franciscan Friar and past Chaplain of Padua College, Queensland

In 2020 I published this information in a booklet for Padua College that may be educative, especially for new staff at a school who carries the Franciscan tradition.

In no sense should what I have written about Saint Francis and the early establishment of the Franciscan Order, be read as definitive. I have simply shared my thoughts on what I have seen as significant elements in the life of Saint Francis, and something of the world in which he and his first followers lived.

There is also included something of the spirituality and charism of the Franciscan movement, which will colour what we do at a school in the Franciscan tradition, and how this inspires us in educating the good, young people in our care to be all that Saint Francis would want them to be. I reference Franciscan symbols, prayers and some possible foundational principles / values for schools to consider.

My hope is that the information is a reminder to all those associated with a school in the Franciscan tradition of the rich Franciscan heritage we have inherited.