FSA 2024 Formation offerings

Outlined Below Are The FSA Formation Program Offerings for 2024.

Each Program is co-created with the school community and UNIQUELY contextual.

2024 FORMATION OFFERINGS – whole school and short course formation.

2024 LENTEN RETREAT -Thursday 22 February 2024 9:30am-3:30pm

All communities are invited to a Lenten Retreat in the Franciscan tradition. During lent FSA would love to gift you some personal time to be totally absorbed in God. On this day join the Franciscan family in Brisbane at beautiful Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre at Ormiston. Register HERE

SF 1 THE FRANCISCAN RETREAT:  One Heart and One Soul

The Franciscan Retreat is a 1 ½ – 2 day overnight formation opportunity for leaders in school communities – senior leadership teams and middle leaders.

Retreat has long been a part of the Franciscan spiritual experience and this retreat offers participants a valuable opportunity to invigorate the richness of the Franciscan charism with a prophetic vision toward the future. The task of preserving and nurturing a charism must go hand in hand with ongoing renewal and reimagining where the Spirit is leading Franciscan leaders and teams in schools today.

Come as you are for spiritual and professional discernment as we come together as one heart and are renewed in the Holy Spirit through fraternity.

The Franciscan Retreat program is negotiated with the school community and specifically tailored to the needs of the team.

Costnegotiated includes full program facilitation, venue, accommodation and event package

Register interest via email to [email protected]


SF 3 SHORT COURSE:  Enduring Presence – Dr. Darleen Pryds

Explore diversity and authenticity with gritty stories of the faith journeys of lay men and women who helped create the Franciscan charism in the first generations of the Franciscan movement. Book supplied to all participants.

Member Schools $80- non-members $90- Book supplied & posted. The study questions and spiritual reflection at the end of each chapter will form the basis for the online “Fratelli Connection Circles”.

Details emailed to schools in Term 1 2024.


  • assigned reading, study and reflection (approx. 9 hours total) from the supplied book The Franciscan Heritage Series – Volume Ten, Enduring Presence, Franciscan Institute Publications, St. Bonaventure University, NY. by Darleen Pryds, 2018.
  • THREE online MS Teams “Fratelli Connection Circles” with members of the National Executive, key State members and your registered FSA colleagues from around Australia.
  • Connection Circle 1 = Thursday, 02 May 2024             3:45pm – 5:00pm (all States)
    • Connection Circle 2 = Thursday, 23 May 2024             3:45pm – 5:00pm (all States) Basilica of St Francis
    • Connection Circle 3 = Thursday, 13 June 2024             3:45pm – 5:00pm (all States) St Anthony of Padua

JOIN THIS FORMATION PROGRAM HERE Register by Friday 28 March 2024.

WHOLE STAFF Formation – Charism

Identified FSA 2024 ‘LIVING STONE’ = active service

Staff Formation programs are co-created with each school community with the ultimate goal being to accompany each community to formulate a sequential spiritual formation program for their unique school context.

Formation may include day / twilight / workshop / retreat offerings such as:

SF Charism 1:  Enter Assisi. 

A half day or full day formation program about the Franciscan spirit for new staff and staff who need to be renewed in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi.

SF Charism 2:  Repair My House 

A twilight or full day formation program that explores the call from the San Damiano crucifix. Catholic education in the Franciscan tradition speaks to us more than ever at this time – our young people need models of people simply living the Gospel life. What does living the Gospel mean for us today?

SF Charism 3:  His Name was Francis.  

A workshop, twilight or full day formation program that explores ten key teachings of Francis of Assisi.  e.g. The First Teaching = the wonder of the incarnation; etc— Adapted from Surrounded by Love: Seven Teachings from Saint Francis by Murray Bodo, OFM | from Franciscan Media website

SF Charism 4:  Encounter Charism Community Christ.  

A full day formation program for all staff to explore ‘Francis and the Sultan’ narrative as a powerful message for encounter, dialogue and service in Catholic school communities.

SF Charism 5:  God the Artist 

Francis used to praise God the Artist in every one of God’s works. An experiential workshop at a gallery where we explore spirituality, art and the artist within.

Alternatively, a workshop, twilight or full day formation program that incorporates keynotes and experiential creative activity taking inspiration from all of creation.

SF Charism 6:  Brothers and Sisters All

A twilight, half day or full day formation program for all staff to encounter Franciscan spirituality and to explore the concept of fraternity as together we journey towards the embrace of God. Using key messages from Pope Francis’ 2020 Encyclical Fratelli Tutti and the FSA Living Stone ‘Embrace’.

SF Charism 7:  The Why To The Way

A half day or full day formation program for all staff to explore why Franciscan spirituality and the Franciscan spirit has endured for 8 centuries. Furthermore staff can examine unique ways the vision of Francis and Clare of Assisi can be lived in their community today.

SF Charism 8:  Fraternity – that indescribable Franciscan thing!  

A twilight or workshop formation program for all staff to explore five key tenets of a Franciscan ministry. Presented as a pilgrimage this is a creative experience for all.

SF Charism 9:  Brother Francis and Brother Wolf of Gubbio

A twilight or workshop formation program for all staff. Explore one of the Little Flowers, enrich the story and draw out key messages for your community and our world today

SF Charism 10:  Kinship with Creation

Workshop OR twilight options that explore the kinship model of creation as posed by Fr Dan Horan OFM (see link for more) ( Kinship and Creation Probing Francis website)

Be inspired by Pope Francis’ 2005 encyclical Laudato si’ and respond in creative ways to the beauty of all of creation.

SF Charism 11:  Retreat ‘Total Absorption’

A full day retreat program for all staff.

Lago Trasimeno reminds us of one of the main principals of Francis’ spirituality: the call to a life of PENANCE. Penance for Francis meant total absorption in God, a fascination with God. His experience on the island makes this focus concrete for us.

Come as you are, follow in Francis’ footprints to spend a gentle retreat day being absorbed in God. Feed your soul, find space to connect your inner and outer, be transformed and renewed in the Holy Spirit through a fascination with all of creation.


Full day engagement = $1250– + travel costs includes full program and facilitation by two of the FSA facilitation team, pre & post program collaboration, day facilitation normally 8am – 3pm | input & workshops negotiated

Half day engagement or keynote = $950- + travel costs| on ground costs

Twilight or workshop engagement = $650- + travel costs| on ground costs

Retreat Engagement – upon request