FSA Commitment Statement Safeguarding Children and Adults At Risk

Franciscan Schools Australia (FSA) is a non-profit association stewarded by an executive committee of volunteers. Inspired by the life and spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi, FSA works with, and on behalf of educators and religious communities to enhance and enrich Franciscan spirituality in primary and secondary schools in Australia.

God’s love and compassion is at the heart of our work as educators. Saint Francis teaches us to keep our eyes on God, to reverence creation and to be the good example of joy and peace. To teach as he did we constantly refer all good to God and demonstrate this through the service of others. As an organisation FSA does not have any direct contact with children or adults at risk. We have zero tolerance for all forms of abuse and strive to safeguard all who interact with our organisation. FSA believes that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

FSA believe that all members and personnel have a responsibility to respect, protect and uphold the dignity and rights of every individual in a safe and caring environment that supports every person’s best interests and prevents abuse. Special priority is given to the safety and wellbeing of children and adults at risk.

FSA works in partnership with member schools, religious institutions and community organisations if children and adults at risk are involved in our events and services. We encourage open communication whereby schools and communities are informed of relevant issues and participate in decisions about the safety of children or adults at risk. 

FSA believes that all Church personnel (including clergy, religious, staff and volunteers) and educators have a responsibility to safeguard children and adults at risk through promoting their welfare, health and development. We are committed to implementing the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards promulgated by the Catholic Church in Australia.

Everyone is encouraged to communicate any area of concern or where you think our approach may need improvement. FSA will respond to all concerns promptly and effectively conscientiously complying with all Australian Church and legal reporting requirements.

For more information or to raise a concern, please contact:
FSA Coordinator
– Fr. Stephen Bliss OFM

P: 0407 006 272 | E: [email protected]
PO Box 5231, Brassall, Qld, Australia 4305