The Franciscan Schools Australia Framework

“Francis, go now and repair my church which, as you see, is falling down.”

Francis’ knew that to ‘repair the church’ of his day he had to live the Gospel. Nothing has changed ~ we are still all called to live a Gospel life full of love and compassion.

The Gospel way of life is following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ.

FSA believes that our organisation has an important role to play in the formation and education of staff and young people who are in a school with the Franciscan tradition.

Franciscan Schools Australia (FSA) is convinced that through charism support, developed resources, and powerful connections our purpose as a non-profit organisation will be sustained.

FSA desires to be actively engaged in the rapidly changing Australian educational landscape. Of fundamental concern for FSA, is the express need for schools to embed the spirit of Francis in all they do.  Live the Gospel! Simple as that.

FSA schools need to reflect a Franciscan Christology by embracing the sacramental vision of creation, notions of universal fraternity and the call to rebuild the church first heard by Francis over 800 years ago.


  • Live-giving education – the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition provides life-giving insights into our learning and teaching.
  • Kinship with creation – we embrace the kinship model that reverences all of creation.
  • Peace – we are committed to promoting peace and justice for all.
  • Embrace – we embrace and accompany the ‘little, poor ones’ and ‘the other’ of the world.
  • Prayer – we focus on the fountain source of Eucharist, prayer and contemplation in order to transform lives.
  • Active service – we mix with the world, use actions rather than words and find God there.

The FSA Spiritual Framework is underpinned by the enduring work completed by Franciscan religious, staff, parents, students and Leadership Teams in many FSA communities since FSA was established in 2007.

A more detailed document that details how this framework could be given life in an educational community, together with an accompanying graphic is available for download.