The Presence of the Franciscans

FSA schools helping the MFIC Sisters to establish a new school.

At Franciscan Schools Australia there is an expressed interest in joining with Franciscans to support outreach and project initiatives. We are one big Franciscan family! READ ABOUT TWO WAYS TO CONNECT WITH FRANCISCANS.

Reach Out Across the Blue Project – MFIC Early Childhood Centre opens in PNG.

UPDATE Schools may remember that last year the Missionary Franciscan Sisters invited FSA schools to help resource their childhood centre in Aitape, PNG due to open in February 2023.

GOOD NEWS – The Elizabeth Hayes Early Childhood Centre in Aitape, Papua New Guinea is open and ready for its official blessing on May 4th 2023.  What a surprise for the staff and students when seven large boxes of educational resources and toys landed in Aitape ready for the new academic year. How wonderful to share in the joy of the students receiving the donations! We are looking forward to continuing our connections in 2023.


PNG is a very poor country and educational standards remain low. With a literacy rate of 64.2%, Papua New Guinea has the lowest literacy rate in Oceania. Primary school attendance is at 63.4 percent for boys and 56.5 percent for girls. A staggering 41 per cent of Papua New Guinea’s population under the age of 15 years.

If any of the FSA member schools would like to support this project the MFIC Sisters would be very grateful regardless of how large or small your assistance. Thus, your school is invited to assist in whatever capacity you can. Your prayers for the success of this project is welcome! A letter from Sr Catherine White mfic and fundraising account details are below.

If you have any questions about these projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Fill in our contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

The OFM Friars in Ukraine – peace and goodness.

“It has already been a year since the war hit Ukraine, dragging it into a vortex of terror, death and flight of the population. The presence of the OFM friars, in this time, has never failed, guaranteeing every possible type of support to the people overwhelmed by negative events. The Franciscan charism of bringing peace and goodness continues.” (Br. Massimo Fusarelli, Minister General).

From day one, Br. Danyil Botvina, OFM, Provincial of the Franciscan Province of St. Michael the Archangel in Ukraine, sent an urgent request for funds to help provide food, medicine and shelter to refugees experiencing this tragedy.


Fondazione OFM Fraternitas  has made it possible to launch 25 social, aid and support programs for the population.

READ more and see more images of the Friars ministry HERE