Welcome from Fr Stephen

“Every creature is a divine word because it proclaims God.” Bonaventure

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Franciscan Schools Australia (FSA) website.  We are proud to launch this refreshed site for your use.  We will be regularly adding to what is available for you here so that these pages become a living and working ‘creation’.  We sincerely hope that what you and your school find here will enable your community to grow in your awareness and love of our Franciscan Story. 

I am reminded of some words uttered by St Bonaventure in a homily …. “Every creature is a divine word because it proclaims God.” 

Some powerful thoughts from Bonaventure and a reminder to all of us that in our encounters with colleagues, students and parents we are in fact encountering God.

As you draw on the information and resources contained in this website, remember that they will help you to ‘proclaim God’ in your community.  

St Bonaventure was a very dedicated and popular teacher because he wanted his students to know all they possibly could know about the God who created them.   FSA wants you to use these resources creatively so that people in your community will learn to love the God who created them.  Like Bonaventure, we hope that you will lead your community to discover the divine presence within them. 

Franciscan Schools Australia is here to help you, so please contact us for any assistance you need.  We would love you to share with us how you are living the Gospel within your Community and we also welcome any ideas you have to help us to assist others.

Enjoy this website and all it offers, and lots of blessings to you,

Stephen ofm

Stephen Bliss ofm

National Executive Coordinator